We deliver performance.
Your success is our business.
Our sole mission has been to preserve and enhance our clients'  wealth through strong absolute returns in both rising and falling markets.  As an independent firm, we have no alternative agendas.  We are not in the investment banking or brokerage businesses. 
Our Managers are compensated based solely on performance, not on annual fees or commissions.  This arrangement ensures that our goals and objectives are in the best interest of our clients.  We have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds...
What distinguishes us

Laureate Trust is a global leader in mutual fund management. Our seasoned professionals rely on almost a century of expertise to develop and replicate trading strategies that have the ability to profit in a rising or falling market.  This profit potential makes market neutral funds particularly attractive to investors in volatile or uncertain times. 

Alignment of Interests.  Laureate employees are financially motivated with a unique alignment of interest with our shareholder and non-shareholder clients.  Our employees' profit sharing plans are invested side by side with our clients.  Our portfolio managers recommend specific strategies for the fund solely because we believe those strategies would fulfill our specific investment goals.  When you do well, we do well.

Our many years of experience in portfolio management in some of the most complex market situations in the world is the best possible evidence of the quality of service we offer to our clients. We understand the ever changing economic climate, so we understand business better.  The strategies we utilize in fund management have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds in a 3-yr, 5-yr and 10-yr reporting period.  Our skills and strong processes have earned us a place on the short list of elite money management firms.

Portfolio management is a continuous process.  We use a variety of trading strategies selected according to their distinct investment disciplines and historic returns.  Once a plan is developed and strategies are implemented, management then does an ongoing confirmation and reevaluation to assure the mix of assets remains intact.  This method maintains asset allocation purity not available when using traditional investment styles.  This focus also provides the opportunity for greater consistency and predictability of results.