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InvenSense(INVN) Upgraded to Strong Buy based on Apple iDevices Partnership, According to Laureate Trust
According to Laureate BVI, Invensense (INVN) is rated a strong buy because it’s expected the company will announce a partnership with Apple that will more than double the current production of Invensense (INVN) microchips.
Expect Increased Volatility from $18 million Bitcoin Auction, According to Laureate BVI Hedge Fund
Tasca states, “This auction is significant for Bitcoin, this is the first time the digital currency is being validated by a government. The only transactions to date have been peer-to-peer, now the United States government is accepting payment for the digital currency.”
Global Hedge Fund Posts +4.72% for the month of May, as Assets Rise to New Highs for Industry
Laureate BVI reports the hedge fund continues to outrank as the top performing global fund with a year-to-date return of +10.27% versus S&P 500 +5.04%.
Twitter May Become Perfect Acquisition Target for Google, According to Offshore Hedge Fund
According to offshore hedge fund Laureate BVI, Google may acquire Twitter if the stock drops another 50 percent from the current level of US$32.44.
Bitcoin will Surpass PayPal in US Dollar Transactions, According to BVI Hedge Fund
According to Laureate Trust, Bitcoin is fast establishing itself as the currency to use globally and instantly to make purchases or payments over the internet recording nearly US$300 million daily in transactions.
GTA 5 Release for Xbox One and PS4 set for March 2015, According to Laureate Trust
According to Laureate BVI, Take-Two Interactive is rated a long-term buy because it’s portfolio of 10 blockbuster titles with over 5 million units sold each has positioned the developer for massive growth.
Apple iPhone 6 Glass Supplier GT Advanced (GTAT) Rated Strong Buy Target US$22, According to Laureate Trust
According to Laureate BVI, GT Advanced is rated a long-term buy with a target price of US$22.00 because it’s partnership through Apple (AAPL) has positioned it for massive growth.
Laureate Trust Issues Strong Buy on Alibaba’s Largest Share Holder SoftBank
According to Laureate BVI, Japan’s SoftBank holds a 37% stake in Alibaba in what could be one of the largest internet initial stock offerings ever. SoftBank is expected to profit more than US$30 Billion if it were to sell its Alibaba stake.
Laureate Trust Generates 54% Return for Investors on Bearish Call onTwitter
Offshore hedge fund Laureate BVI predicted in January a drop of 50% in Twitter’s stock price. The fund has now advised investors the collective scheme will close the position securing a massive 54% return in 5 months.
Laureate BVI Issues Strong Buy on General Dynamics (GD) Target US$130
Laureate BVI has assumed coverage on General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) as the company reports lower sales in Combat Systems and Information Systems and Technology divisions.
Laureate BVI CEO Peter Tasca states, “General Dynamics is being lifted by its aerospace division Gulfstream which had orders soar 25%, lifting revenue to US$2.12 billion from US$1.78 billion a year ago. “
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