We deliver performance.
Your success is our business.
Our sole mission has been to preserve and enhance our clients'  wealth through strong absolute returns in both rising and falling markets.  As an independent firm, we have no alternative agendas.  We are not in the investment banking or brokerage businesses. 
Our Managers are compensated based solely on performance, not on annual fees or commissions.  This arrangement ensures that our goals and objectives are in the best interest of our clients.  We have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds...
Bank Wire Instructions
For Bank Wire Instructions please contact Laureate Private Client Group at +1-310-492-5301
HSBC Private Banking

HSBC is the escrow agent of Laureate (BVI) Limited, and will hold your deposit until the date of your effective investment.  Please note that HSBC's escrow account is non-interest bearing.  Please make sure the amount of money received by Laureate is net and equals the amount stated on the subscription agreement.