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Your success is our business.
Our sole mission has been to preserve and enhance our clients'  wealth through strong absolute returns in both rising and falling markets.  As an independent firm, we have no alternative agendas.  We are not in the investment banking or brokerage businesses. 
Our Managers are compensated based solely on performance, not on annual fees or commissions.  This arrangement ensures that our goals and objectives are in the best interest of our clients.  We have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds...
Frequently Asked Questions
Laureate (BVI) Limited
What is Laureate (BVI) Limited?

Laureate (BVI) Ltd., was launched for private investors making it among the world's first retail market neutral funds.  With a Fund size of $5 Billion USD, it is the flagship equity fund designed to capitalize on rapidly growing companies with outstanding corporate governance, superior market opportunities with upside potential, and sustainable sources of competitive advantage. 

Mr. Tasca has refined the Laureate trading systems, which have been tested, re-developed and continually improved using 30 years of historical data.
What is the minimum investment in the fund?
- For the Series I institutional minimum investment: 1,000,000 USD, EUR, GBP.
- For the Series A, AA, and AAA retail minimum investment:  2,500 USD, EUR, GBP.

NOTE- The portfolios of institutional and retail are identical except that the institutional has discounted management fees.
How does the Laureate trading system work?

The Laureate trading systems constantly monitor all associated micro and macro risk factors in over 100 markets world wide and initiates buy and sell orders through technical analysis.  Should there be a major trend reversal due to new factors in the markets, the systems react promptly to adjust to the new environment.  One of the key roles of the trading strategy is the successful limitation of draw-downs by constantly  adjusting stop-loss parameters.  Above all, the Laureate trading strategy gives priority to capital maintenance over profit maximization.

What is a hedge fund?

The term "hedge" originally meant, "to protect against financial loss."  The world's first hedge fund was founded by Alfred W. Jones in 1949.   He wanted to create an investment vehicle that could profit in any market environment whether the market was rising or falling.  Hedge fund managers can utilise short- selling to attain profits or go to cash instantly.  Whereas traditional funds must be 95% fully invested, even as the market is in a decline or serious bear market.  Unlike traditional investment funds, hedge funds have only one goal:  they want to achieve gains in all economic environments.

How do I find the right hedge fund?

Today, many traditional investment companies as well as private investors have already begun to show interest in hedge funds.  The major difficulty is in finding a successful hedge fund manager.  Many statistics reveal that a fund manager should exhibit at least five to ten years of successful trading in order to earn the confidence of investors.  It is advisable to only invest in funds that have traded successfully for at least five years. 

How diversified will my assets be with Laureate?

You will have global diversification within a single investment.  We trade stocks, bonds and option contracts in over 100 regulated market exchanges, which make it possible to diversify risk around the globe.  This diversification is both geographically and across market sectors. 

What does "Absolute Returns" mean?

"Absolute Returns" means we have the ability to profit in a rising or falling market environment.  Each series can establish short and long positions, thereby profit from declining markets as easily as it can in advancing markets.  This profit potential makes market neutral funds particularly attractive to investors.

Hedge funds are said to be highly non-transparent. Is this the case with Laureate?
Laureate Trust group of investment companies aim to achieve, year after year, the highest possible returns for investors.  In order to protect the successful strategy from replication by others, it is necessary to avoid disclosing vital trade information to the general public.  In the interest of Laureate Trust investors, it is important to protect this information.
Is the Laureate Trust group of investment companies audited by external auditors?

Members of the Laureate Trust group of investment companies are subject to periodic review by professional outside auditors (such as KPMG Luxembourg), as well as many regulatory bodies and financial regulatory authorities.

Who issues the trading documents?

Trading documents are issued by the independent clearing houses.  The month-end NAV is calculated by chartered accountants and depends exclusively on the account and deposit statements provided by the independent, internationally renowned clearing houses.

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