We deliver performance.
Your success is our business.
Our sole mission has been to preserve and enhance our clients'  wealth through strong absolute returns in both rising and falling markets.  As an independent firm, we have no alternative agendas.  We are not in the investment banking or brokerage businesses. 
Our Managers are compensated based solely on performance, not on annual fees or commissions.  This arrangement ensures that our goals and objectives are in the best interest of our clients.  We have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds...
Company News
In the press
InvenSense(INVN) Upgraded to Strong Buy based on Apple iDevices Partnership, According to Laureate Trust
According to Laureate BVI, Invensense (INVN) is rated a strong buy because it’s expected the company will announce a partnership with Apple that will more than double the current production of Invensense (INVN) microchips.
Expect Increased Volatility from $18 million Bitcoin Auction, According to Laureate BVI Hedge Fund
Tasca states, “This auction is significant for Bitcoin, this is the first time the digital currency is being validated by a government. The only transactions to date have been peer-to-peer, now the United States government is accepting payment for the digital currency.”
Global Hedge Fund Posts +4.72% for the month of May, as Assets Rise to New Highs for Industry
Laureate BVI reports the hedge fund continues to outrank as the top performing global fund with a year-to-date return of +10.27% versus S&P 500 +5.04%.
Bitcoin will Surpass PayPal in US Dollar Transactions, According to BVI Hedge Fund
According to Laureate Trust, Bitcoin is fast establishing itself as the currency to use globally and instantly to make purchases or payments over the internet recording nearly US$300 million daily in transactions.
Why Laureate Trust?
Our investment strategies have outperformed 98% of the world's most successful funds over a 3-yr, 5-yr and 10-yr average according to independent data compiled from The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Barron's.  
In 2013, Laureate Trust received the prestigious award in Finance by the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce.  Last year this multiple platform strategy returned +23.01% net of all fees which has outperformed the Barron's Top 100 Hedge Fund Average, Barclayhedge Fund Index Average and the S&P 500 Total Return Average.
Laureate Trust provides expert portfolio management that achieves optimal results.  The proven trading strategies are based on four principles:  diversification, technical analysis, trend following and risk management, which combined have the potential to profit from any economic situation.
Our secured short-term notes are intended to generate long-term capital growth and provide global diversification.  A primary reason to invest in secured notes, is to provide a non-correlated investment to a portfolio of traditional stock and bond investments that has the potential to improve returns and lower the portfolio's volatility. 
This disciplined approach with our replicated trading strategies have a 10-year average of +31.6% per year.
You can take advantage of this powerful concept and broadly diversify your investments by adding Laureate Trust to your portfolio.